Welcome to the World of Carpets

World of Carpet develops textile surfaces for the lasting improvement of quality interiors.

For 20 years, the company has set standards in the market with new materials and innovative applications.World of Carpet is aimed at designing, developing, manufacturing and selling of broad spectrum of flooring options like Carpets, Rugs, Laminate Flooring, Carpet Tiles, Broadloom Carpets, Deck Flooring, Home Theatre Carpets, Vinyl Flooring, Sports Vinyl Flooring and Artificial Grass. We are proud of the line of trade we are in and they are strongly committed toward Excellency manufacturing products that have national certification norms as well as their clients trust.

Our vision

We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a pioneering leader in the Carpets & Rugs manufacturing industry and wish to take our success to a global level, and the latter can be achieved by expanding our network through the local and international distribution of our products.

Our Mission

World of Carpet strives to continue being the leading company in India’s carpet market. We strive constantly to deliver optimum quality products and services which are surely to meet the perceived standards of customer satisfaction, all of which comes in parallel with our values towards our employees and shareholders.

Our clear aesthetic quality decisively characterizes the interior and enhances the effect of modern interior design. Owing to our particular properties such as high durability and a long service life, the products are perfectly suited for varied applications in the commercial sector.